Below are links to my recent short stories.

Susan Elsley, Big Crow

Skin Care

‘Seven weeks before she arrived at the house in the hills, Rona woke up shivering.’

First prize, 2024 Ennis Book Club Festival Short Story Competition

Susan Elsley, Memory Loss


‘There’s a girl on the beach in a long, white dress. She spins and her dress balloons like the bell of a jellyfish.’

Short Story in Crannóg

Susan Elsley, Big Crow

Big Crow

‘He always thought he could fly. From the age of seven he’d wiggle his fingers…’

Short Story in Postbox

Susan Elsley, Memory Loss

Memory Loss

‘I go in April when I wake up and my mouth’s parched as if dreams have sucked me dry.’

Short story in Fictive Dream

Susan Elsley, Bird Watching

Bird Watching

‘Viv and Dan sat on the edge of the cliff watching the birds dip and soar like a moving veil.’

Short story in The Storms

Susan Elsley, Conversation Starter

Conversation Starter

‘People can be so unexpected. One minute they’re all over you asking questions. Then, puff…’

Short story in Northern Gravy

Susan Elsley, Midden


‘Mae found them in March and buried what she’d found in April.’

Short story in Northwords Now

Susan Elsley, Part of something important

Part of Something Important

‘I had never been part of something important.’

Short story in Postbox

Susan Elsley, Golden Air

Golden Air

‘Evelyn sat on the chair in the middle of the living room with the cardboard box next to her feet.’

Short story in Pushing Out the Boat

Susan Elsley, Walking Out

Walking Out

It was mid afternoon when Craig started walking. At the edge of the moor, he flung himself down…’

Short story in PENning